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Get the Perfect Custom-Built Computer System

In today’s world, large PC manufacturers have been consistent in producing innovative computer systems. However, if you are someone who works on various applications and software, you might find these prefabricated computers a bit lacking in performance.

This is because most manufacturers use proprietary hardware within their PCs. As such, upgrading computer parts can be difficult as some components available in the market may not be compatible with your system. This is where we come in.

At Infinity Tech, we design and build custom computer systems that are based on your exact specification. From gaming, imaging, video and audio editing, we can handle it all. Request a quote today.


Upgrade Your Computer Systems:   Motherboards, CPU’s, Hard Drives, Memory, Video Cards, Monitors, ECT.


Increase the overall functionality of your PCs:  Infinity Tech specializes in designing and engineering a wide variety of high-performance computer systems, including the following:

Video and Audio Computer Systems

Gaming Computer Systems

Imaging Computer Systems

Medical Computer Systems

High-End Business Computer Systems


Personal Computer Installation and Setup

Setup your new Computer, Router, and Printer – No Matter Where You Bought It – In-Home Service – East and South Metro Atlanta Area. Areas over 25 miles will include a $35.00 Travel Charge.  –  $75.00

In-Home Computer Cleaning, Optimization and Virus Check

Will come to your home or office and clean (dust removal, Unwanted Programs, and Toolbars) Optimize your hard drives and check for viruses and malware. Each additional Computer would be $35.00. East and South Metro Atlanta Area. Areas over 25 miles will include a $35.00 Travel Charge.  –  $79.00

Small Business Network Analysis and Consultation

We meet with any small business owner or manager in the great Atlanta Area and East. Will evaluate your current small business network, discuss any needed repairs, upgrades or improvements. We will give you a fair and unbiased assessment of your IT needs, even if you don’t buy from us or use or services. Areas over 25 miles will include a $35.00 Travel Charge.  –  $95.00


Website Editing and Hosting: From minor edits to complete renovations.


Our Clients:  Listed below are the clients that will highly benefit from our services.


Graphic Artists


Game Designers

Audio and Video Companies

Music Production Companies

Engineering Companies That Use CAD Software

Hospitals (Including Doctors’ Office)


Sound Stage Studios

Movie Studios


Going the Extra Mile:  Aside from helping you choose the right computer system, our skilled technicians can professionally install it for you. We can also deliver your custom-built computer system right to your doorstep.


Note that we only provide computer installation and other services in the Metro Atlanta area and East of Atlanta. However, we still ship nationwide.

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